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Migzen is a site we designed and built for Lancaster and Birmingham Universities that gathers academic research into the effect Brexit is having on migration.

It was a new project so we were able to create the brand and design from scratch which is always nice. It also gave us the opportunity to make sure colours are accessible for use on the website.

As well as the usual blog posts and pages, there's a couple of slightly fancy things we did for them; one of which was to automatically import pages and media whenever Migzen add new episodes to their podcast feeds. We automatically parse their XML podcast feeds and if we find any new episodes then we create pages for them with the episode summary, images and a nicely styled embedded media player to listen to the audio.

A screenshot of a podcast page showing a media player and conent.

We also built them a searchable database of academic resources which was carefully optimized for speed and efficiency.

There's also a neat looking Timeline all of which is managed from the content management admin area.

A screenshot of the timeline page.

The site scores very well across the board for accessbility and security, but most importantly the client is happy :-)

A screenshot showing top marks for the site in Google Lighthouse.



Lancaster University
University of Birmingham