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About us

millipedia started at the end of the 20th century - that makes us very old in internet time. It also means that we had our name before those upstarts at Wikipedia started and confused things.

Back in the days of the first dot com bubble (yes we're that old) Stephen and Rob were working at a large London based agency looking after corporate sites including Bristish Airways and O2.
The money was great - the job satisfaction wasn't.

So, with impecable timing Stephen quit the agency (which was genuinely called The Agency - it was that kind of place) just before a big round of redundancy payouts and started up millipedia.

The very next day he went to see our first client at the Museum of Immigration at Princelet Street, which is a magical place, and we were sure we'd made the right decision (although our bank manager might disagree).

Over the last twenty odd years we've worked with a huge range of clients including large and small charities, museums, universities and other organisations who match our social and ethical objectives.

We're based in the Thames-side town of Marlow, but we've worked with organisations from Stockholm to Rio.

We work with a wide range of specialists depending on what the project requires but have a core team we have been working with for years. In particular, we've been working with our design partners Periscope for 3 decades now.

About Stephen

A picture of Stephen taken by a small child.

Prior to founding millipedia, Stephen worked for Dorling Kindersley Multimedia on their award winning CD-ROMs, and where he was responsible for quality assurance on several large corporate websites including British Airways and O2. He is a founder of Miappi as well as other less successful start ups.

Stephen built his first webpage in 1993; this is so long ago in internet years that instead of needing search engines to index sites Tim Berners-Lee just kept a list.

You can view Stephen's LinkedIn profile if you want, although his Last FM stats might give you a better idea.