Our work

We've done lots of interesting work over the last twenty years (and a fair bit of good but dull work as well) some of which are listed on this page. We also do plenty of consultancy work these days including reviews, audit and strategy.

This is just a short list of work we've done, there's plenty more we've done that we only let special people know about - why don't you ask us?

Our Migration Story

The often untold stories of the generations of migrants who shaped the British Isles.

NHS Healthcheck

We created a campaign tool for the NHS Support Federation and the TUC.

A Hackney Autobiography

A 'poetic satnav' that tells the story of a radical Hackney community.

Blood Culture

Science, technology and thrills merge in this interactive drama.


TapeLetters shines a light on the practice of sending messages on cassette tape by Pakistanis who migrated and settled in the UK between 1960-1980.

The Flip Flop Trail

Whether you call them thongs, flip-flops or go-aheads (my favourite) find out all about their secret life on The Flip Flop Trail.


We had a single day for this campaign to big up Veg!

Buggy Air

A smarter way to measure air quality.

In My Footsteps

Witness a neighbourhood’s history come to life with In My Footsteps

Romans Revealed

Skeletons, forensic archaeologists and a top children's author with a sponge on a stick. They don't get much more fun that this.

Making Histories

A project for the LSE which encouraged students to create oral histories of their families migration to the UK.

Eating Better

We created this campaign for a fairer, healthier, greener diet for a whole heap of charities including Friends of the Earth, WWF UK and many more...


An Internet of Things project to monitor vulnerable users via their toaster.

The Chilterns AONB

The Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty website includes a fantastic interactive map which is managed entirely within their content management system.

Bangla Stories

Stories of people who left behind home and family, who crossed new borders and made new lives.

Chemical Reaction

At its peak the Chemical Reaction campaign site for Friends of the Earth was running in 22 languages. Echt toll!

Blue Dragon Storybook

Hooray - We got to record Jane Horrocks and Andrew Sachs whilst making this interactive CD-ROM for Channel 4 Learning.

Want to see more? There's a big, long, badly organised list of work we've done over here.