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A Hackney Autobiography

a hackney autobiography tells the story of a unique cultural institution and the people it influenced.

Centerprise was a radical bookshop, publisher, café and community centre in Hackney from the early 70's up until 2012. On the Record recorded the oral histories of the people who worked at or were inspired by this Hackney institution which we presented both as an interactive website and location aware apps for Apple and Android that guide you round the streets of Hackney.

Users can download the native apps and use their smartphones to follow walks (or even catch a bus) which tell the story of Centerprise.

The website contains some fantastic illustrations (by Joanna Layla), learning resources, publications and biographies as well as the oral histories.

Screenshots of the website and app.

Both the website and the native apps use some beautiful map tiles provided by Stamen Design.

The book that accompanies the project is available from the website.

The Lime Green Mystery: An Oral History of the Centerprise Co-operative.