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Blood Culture

Blood Culture is a techno drama written by Dr Lance Dann of the University of Brighton and supported by the Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fund and Resonance FM.

The Blood Culture promotional banner.

As well as being an edge of your seat thriller the podcast delves deep into the real-life science driving the story.
Dr Cristina Lo Celso from Imperial College London is on hand to explain the cutting edge concepts behind the bio-medical machinations of the mysterious Meta Corporation and it's charismatic CEO Richard Dreyer.

The expanded universe of Meta Corps includes corporate websites, surveys and an extensive social media presence.

Alongside providing design and technical support for the podcast and website, we created a bespoke text message bot application which enables participants who apply to work at Meta Corporation to join in the story. If selected you may get some interesting responses to your application and you may end up having to guide Justine through some dangerous situations....

The SMS game admin interface

Development of the text message game involved a wide range of technical requirements including integration with APIs for the surveys and SMS provider, natural language processing, game logic, user tracking and game content management. We created the whole system from scratch (but would be very interested in reusing it for your project...).

iTunesThe recording of the podcast took place at Resonance FM in London and involved a fantastic cast of actors and technicians.

We've been absolutely delighted with the response the podcast which spectacularly hit number 1 in the UK Arts podcasts on iTunes (in your face Archers!).


Dr Lance Dann, University of Brighton
Resonance FM
Wellcome Trust


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