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Connect uses wireless devices in a user's home to update family members and carers about their activity. This means that users can continue independent living in their own home for as long as possible.

Along with our partners at Virtual Techno we developed a complete system including hardware, to enable an extensive trial in real homes.

Hardware devices are installed in users homes which connect to their broadband router and monitor activity such as when they turn on their television or microwave oven, or if the temperature falls outside a range set by the lead carer. This data is uploaded to a cloud server where it can be accessed by family members using a smart phone app.

If no activity is detected for a specified time then a notification is sent to all members of that users group via the phone app. The family members can then use the app to contact each other and decide if anyone needs to go and check on the user.

As well as the cross platform smart phone apps we created an app complete with barcode scanner to help the hardware installer sync up the various devices for a new user, a members' dashboard so that a family member can manage who has access to the data and an extensive administration system to add new clients, manage devices and monitor system statuses.

Connect lead user admin and installer app