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In My Footsteps

The fancy term we use when describing the In My Footsteps project to our media studies friends is locative storytelling; for everyone else we just say that it's a way of letting people tell a story of a place that matters to them.

First piloted in London's East End, our friends at Manifesta, working with museums, local historians and community groups, helped local residents from a range of cultral backgrounds and ages to tell personal stories of their community.

This is addictive stuff. We've seen many, many digital area guides over the years, but this one has real heart and a genuine sparkle of authenticity.
The Londonist

Using photographs, video and sound, these local historians created trails to guide us through their memories and experiences. These trails were then made available to the world via a web site and native apps which allow anyone to follow the trail, either virtually or in real life using a smartphone.

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millipedia made this happen by creating a website that allowed the curators to upload and plot their trails using a simple interface, and by developing both the mobile friendly web app at and the native apps available to download from the Apple or Android web stores.