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London Friend

London Friend is the UK's oldest lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans charity, established 50 years ago in 1972.

As part of their 50th birthday celebration year we designed and built a website commemorating the heritage of the capital’s LGBT movement that reflects on London Friend’s past, present, and future.

The site includes an interactive timeline as well as a showcase of 50 inspiring LGBTQ+ Londoners who have made a difference to life in the capital.

The homepage of the 50 years of London Friend website

A screenshot of the timeline showing pictures of LF patrons including Michael Cashman and Eric Idle.

The site is carefully optimised to ensure that even the complicated timeline loads quickly and is responsive and usabable on all devices including mobiles.

And of course we made sure to make the site accessible to all users; the timeline is navigable using a keyboard and there are transcipts of audio and newspaper clippings.

The site gets great marks in our automated testing and more importanly got a great reception from our friends at London Friend.

We’ve had some lovely feedback on the site and we’re absolutely delighted with it. Thanks once again for your support.
Monty Moncrief - LF Chief Executive

The screenshots below show the scores from Google Lighthouse, Mozilla Observatory and the Wave Accessibility Evaluation tool. Some of the items are a bit technical, but trust us when we say those are really good scores (trying not to brag but honestly they're great).

A screenshot showing top marks (all 100%) in the Google Lighthouse webpage audit tool.
A screenshot of an A+ rating in Mozilla Observatory security scanner.
A screenshot showing top marks in Wave accessbility evaluation tool.