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Queen Mary Conversations

In 2020, Arts and Culture at Queen Mary University of London invited UK-based artists to converse with academics from across the university. A dentist spoke to a sculptor. A mathematician to a choreographer. A film producer to a social anthropologist ...

The homepage of the website showing some of the artists and academics that took part in the project.

We created this site to showcase not only the work that the artists produced but also the back and forwards of the conversations which took place during lockdown and were recorded over Zoom.

Screenshot showing how the list of conversations is presented on the website. Conversation titles include Magic and Housework and Imaging techniques and the Art of Teeth.

The content, including videos, audio and slideshows is all managed in a content management system to allow the staff at QMUL to easily add new conversations.

A screenshot of a conversation detail page. This image shows the conversation between a playwright and a researcher in theatre.

The site also supported the Queen Mary Conversations Week online event in 2021.

We have worked with Stephen and Andy on a number of key projects at Queen Mary University of London – developing an approach to organising and narrating our research online, curating a series of artist and academic collaborations, and developing an innovative new online venue for the university. In every case, the experience of working with millipedia has been nothing but joyous.  They offer the perfect combination of design and programming that is genuinely responsive to our needs – and like all good design, they create solutions we didn’t even know we needed. They also have a really collaborative and supportive approach to working with colleagues across the university.  Their work has been transformative for our approach to research, collaboration and public engagement.

Dr Aoife Monks, Director of Research, Department of Drama and Arts and Culture Lead, Queen Mary University of London.