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Volunteer Toolkit

The Working with Emotion in Volunteering website was built for York University to destribute a toolkit they had developed alongside the National Trust and to gather feedbk on how that toolkit was used.

A screenshot of the website homepage showing a brightly coloured layout centred around a heart.

The toolkit was designed to help managers of volunteer teams keep on top of the emotions and mental health of their volunteers, especially those in public facing or stressful roles.

By registering on the site organisations are able to download the toolkit and enrol in the ongoing research project to provide feedback on how useful the guidance was and how it might be developed in the future.

In order to manage the data gathering we developed a system that automatically contacted subscribers after intervals of 6 months and 1 year to collect their responses and then present the data gathered to the researchers at York in a format they can use in their research project

A screen shot of the sign up form for the website.