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Making Histories

The Making Histories website is a collection of fascinating family histories and migration stories documented by young people in Cardiff, Leicester and Sheffield. You can hear incredible oral history interviews exploring journeys to Britain from parts of Europe, India, Africa, the Caribbean and beyond. Stories range from escaping a volcanic eruption in the Caribbean island of Montserrat to being recruited from Zambia to work in the NHS.

Making Histories


The project encouraged the young historians to research their own family and local community history. They were taught basic research skills, and used these skills to produce the podcasts, family trees and mini-documentaries available on the website.

We created a bespoke content management module so the administrator of the site could easily add new stories which integrated automagically with the interactive map and categorisation on the front end website. The site, including the maps and video is responsive so looks great on mobile devices.

The project was run by the Runnymede Trust, in partnership with the Department of Sociology at the LSE and the Department of South Asian history at the University of Cambridge.