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Our Migration Story

From 2016 students in the UK will be able to study a new History GCSE module in migration (thanks Mr Gove!). The module covers migration into Britain from the Romans to the present day. (The Telegraph ran an article saying 'New history GCSE course on migration branded 'disturbing' and 'dangerous' so you know it's got to be a good thing).

The website we developed for the Runnymede Trust, with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, presents articles from academics based at the universities of Cambridge and Manchester and draws on the words and research of over 60 historians from universities and institutions including the National Archives, the Imperial War Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Royal Historical Society.

A view of the website running on a mobile phone.

We created the design and branding for the project as well as building the bespoke content management system to enable the site to be easily updated. The system dynamically resizes images and is optimised heavily to provide a great user experience on mobile and desktop.

The site was launched at events hosted by the Autograph ABP Gallery in Shoreditch and the BBC at Broadcasting House and has been extremely well received. And rightly so - it's a really nice site.


'We came to Stephen and Andy with a huge brief for an educational website and only a few weeks until our launch date. Over emails, in person, and on calls they were never anything other than upbeat and insightful and the site they designed is better than any we could have hoped for (and definitely designed ourselves). It was a real pleasure working with them. If you have the chance, I'm sure you'll say the same.'
Malachi Mackintosh - Runnymede Trust